“My dream come true”: proud owners of F-150 Lightning share their excitement

As deliveries of the highly anticipated F-150 Lightning begin, a memorable event unfolded at Advanced Manufacturing Queensland (AMQ). Proud new owners of an AUSEV Ford F-150 Lightning were treated to a personal tour of the Brendale-based company’s production line, offering a close-up look at the meticulous craftsmanship behind the remanufactured EVs.

Backed by AUSEV’s standard 5-year unlimited kilometre warranty and complimentary servicing, the new owners excitedly shared, “We did the test drive about a month ago. It’s awesome … We’re gonna start learning how to do some offroad-type stuff. We got the Maximum Tow Package. Well, we live on the Sunshine Coast, so we have access to Bribie, Glass House, Kenilworth, and up towards Gympie. We’ve got all that area to explore.”

“My dream come true.”

AUSEV expressed gratitude to its customers for supporting Australian businesses and invites others to schedule a test drive to experience the F-150 Lightning’s unrivalled power and innovation firsthand.

For any enquiries or further details, please visit AUSEV.

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