2022 Automotive Direction

Statement on the 2022 automotive direction from Boss Capital Holdings.

2021 has been an unprecedented year in terms of growth and supply constraints. We have done tremendously well with the Ram range but have reached a point where supply is falling well short for our rapidly growing AUSMV network. 

Today we announce that we will be adding the F Truck range to our 2022 offering of vehicles. Our subsidiary Advanced Manufacturing Queensland (specialising in design and engineering) has been tasked with delivering the F Truck project for Q1 2022. Our subsidiary SCD Remanufactured Vehicles will start production shortly after and customers can expect delivery through the AUSMV network end of Q1 2022.

AUSMV will continue to offer the Ram range until the end of Q2 2022 while transitioning to F Truck production. AUSMV will continue to service and stock parts through its national network which includes the recently announced partnership with mycar (270 service sites). 

SCD Performance (accessories/upgrade subsidiary) will continue to actively grow the Ram accessories range in 2022 while also adding F Truck and Silverado into its range.

AUSMV/AUSEV have also secured official distribution of the ATLIS XT pickup truck and will partially manufacture them to RHD in a new purpose built facility (location TBA) which will help reboot the Australian Car Manufacturing Industry. While full production won’t occur until 2023, the initial design work will be conducted throughout 2022 via Advanced Manufacturing Queensland.

There are plenty of exciting announcements to come including an expected announcement in Q1 2022 regarding another Official Supply agreement with a well-established OEM that will be available through the AUSMV/AUSEV network in Q3 2022.